Visitor Questionnaire (Volume I)

It is entirely possible that Jim and Alicia are Salem's biggest fans. We are taking advantage of their enthusiasm by featuring them in our first published Visitor Questionnaire!  If you would like to share your thoughts on visiting Salem, click here for the questionnaire!

Jim and Alicia at the Gables

Name: Jim & Alicia

Hailing from: West Warwick, RI

How many times have you visited Salem: 76, 77th will be next weekend, 78th will be for a week in October (unless we return in September)

Why did you originally visit Salem? Our original visit was in October on 2003, we came with another couple to visit the city the night before Halloween. We both love Halloween and had an interest in learning about the Salem Witch Hysteria. We immediately fell in love with the city, had such an amazing time, we came back a few weeks later and I proposed to Alicia at The Salem Inn. We had a fabulous dinner at Bella Verona that night where we both had our favorite dish, Spaghetti alla Matriciana. We've been back for it many times.

What draws you back? We loved it the minute we arrived in Salem, which explains why we came back 75 times after. We love the rich history, including the witch trial history which we do find very interesting, we love the architecture, unique shops, great restaurants & the people. We also love the fact that you can walk the city. When we arrive, we park our car & walk everywhere, we brought a pedometer a few times & discovered we had walked at least 10 miles each day. We've walked everywhere from Chestnut Street to the Willows to Winter Island & back.

What is your favorite season in Salem? The fall, particularly October’s Haunted Happenings - but to be honest, we’ve been during every month & love it all year long. We’ve come many times with friends, in fact I brought 26 people last year- provided them with a full walking tour of the city! 

What is the funniest thing you have seen in Salem? We’ve seen some great magic shows during Haunted Happenings, but I would have to say some of the funny costumes people wear during October. We love to people watch & there’s no better time & place than in Salem in October.

Is there one thing you do on every visit? Yes, there are so many. We always visit certain shops like Bewitched in Salem, Aroma Sanctum, Jaho Coffee Shop, Salem Wine Imports, and Passage to India. We always take a walking tour, our favorites: Bewitched After Dark and The Salem Night Tour. We always stop by (& sometimes stay) at our favorite B&B - The Morning Glory. We’ve become close friends with the owner, Bob Shea. The Morning Glory is our favorite place to stay, but there are many great places as well. One thing is always certain, a few walks up and down Chestnut Street, which is one of our favorite places in Salem.

Do you have a favorite Salem souvenir? We have a collection of wood carved/painted Salem icons, such as the House of the Seven Gables, Salem Witch Museum & the Old Burying Point. We picked them up at the Trolley Depot.

Salem has changed a lot over the years…

What is your favorite change? Always new shops & restaurants popping up. Our new favorite is Opus.

What is not longer here that you miss most? Signatures Clothing Store, Coven [restaurant], Salem Toy Museum, haunted houses.

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