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Five Edible Additions to your Easter Baskets

Hoppity-hop-hop, Hoppity-hop-hop, Easter's on its way. If you are preparing Easter baskets this year, you will want to stop by these decadent sweet shops in Salem. And remember the old rule of shopping for sweets: one for you, one for me...

Easter Chocolates Salem Ma

The Harbor Sweets Easter Rabbit, formally known as the Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit, is filled with almond butter crunch toffee, caramel, pecans and toasted almonds. This amazing Chocolate Rabbit is in two halves, gold foiled, packed in a clear bag and tied with a satin ribbon. It even comes in milk and dark chocolate.

Maria’s Sweet Somethings is featuring beautiful and yummy Easter chocolates, including bunnies, chicks, ducks, eggs and more, in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie has eggs and bunnies in several chocolates and sizes. They also have house-made, chocolate-dipped Peeps. We’ll say that again: chocolate-dipped Peeps.

Turtle Alley is featuring edible Easter baskets and Bunny Boxes. Available in milk or dark chocolate, these baskets are filled with an assortment of Turtle Alley’s delicious chocolate or candy.

Easter Basket 2

You may not want to put a Coffee Time Bake Shop Paczki in an Easter basket, but you should pick one up for your Easter, or pre-Easter breakfast because they go away on Easter until next year. Hand-rolled, fruit-filled, with or without whipped cream, Paczkis are a seasonal favorite.

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