Visitor Questionnaire (Volume II)

This is the second installment of our Visitor Questionnaire. If you would like your answers featured on our blog, click here for the questionnaire!

Corrin and Josh at the Hawthorne Hotel, and in one of their caricatures

Name: Corinn

Hailing from: Scarsdale, NY

How many times have you visited Salem: 9. This October will be 10!

Why did you originally visit Salem? Haunted Happenings and the Witch Trials

What draws you back? That old historic, small town feel.

What is your favorite season in Salem? Halloween. I do believe you consider it your 5th season.

What is the funniest thing you have seen in Salem? Costumes! One in particular that always comes to mind: 6 guys dressed up as a Corona six-pack of beer! It must have taken months to build.

Is there one thing you do on every visit? Who can do just one? Red's Coffee House, Capt's, The House of the Seven Gables, and the Witch House.

Do you have a favorite Salem souvenir?  A new t-shirt each year from Witch T's AND we cannot leave unless we get our caricature done by one of the Essex Street vendors named Josh. We have 7!

Salem has changed a lot over the years…

What is your favorite change? Tons of new trendy restaurants that stay open late.

What is not longer here that you miss most? The infamous Molly Stewart from Spellbound Tours.

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