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Easter Bunnies, Easter Witches, Vacation Week, Oh My!

School vacation week in Massachusetts is just around the corner, and there will be plenty to do in Salem from April 18 through April 27.

Easter bunnies at the Hawthorne Hotel

The week begins with Easter, and there is a full list of Easter events, including the Easter Egg Hunt on Pickering Wharf on Saturday, and Easter brunches and dinners for all on Sunday.

Throughout the week, you will find special programs at The House of the Seven Gables and the Salem Wax Museum.

Check out the exhibit about the Swedish Easter Witch (we thought we knew all the witches in Salem, but this is a new one), which is running throughout the month at the Witch House.

Sweedish Easter Witch

Visit the calendar on Salem.org for a list of all of the programs planned during School Vacation Week in Salem, and while you are on Salem.org, be sure to explore the attraction and museum pages as well as our tours, shopping, and restaurants. 

And don't miss the Ten Free Things page. It's a perfect addition to any vacation week planning.


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