2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us once again with yuletide cheer, warmth, and the pressure of finding the right gift for each of your friends and loved ones. We understand the desire to give the perfect gift, and watch the eyes of your recipient light up with glee while tearing away the festive gift wrap that you painstakingly made perfect for that very moment. Below we have created a gift guide sourced from local Salem, MA shops to impress even the hardest to shop for this season. 


This gift is for someone in your life that has a deep appreciation for the culinary arts, or just enjoys a nice well prepared meal. Salem has a wonderful food and drink scene with a selection of international culinary delight and inventive creations. The Cheese Shop of Salem is a great first stop where you can create a picnic bag curated to your loved ones tastes. Grab one of the reusable bags that are for sale at the shop, and fill it with a selection of their delicious cheese, crackers, meats, and sweet treats that they have curated around the store. Grab a bottle of wine as well to top off your picnic bag, and ask one of the helpful employees at the shop to help you pair the wine with the specific items that you have selected in your bag. 

After you finish at The Cheese Shop of Salem, stop into Pamplemousse to bulk up your picnic bag even more! With a variety of English and Irish blend teas, as well as biscuits and cookies you will create the perfect well rounded winter time picnic bag. If you are really looking to set your gift apart from the rest this season, pick up some mead which is a fermented honey drink. This unique and delicious choice is sure to impress even the most versed foodie in your life. 

End on a sweet note and include some hot chocolate mix from Kakawa Chocolate House, their Mayan Blend has notes of spice that is not to be missed. One of the signature sweet treats here in Salem, MA which is a cornerstone of our culinary foundation is the Sweet Sloop that is tokened to Harbor Sweets. The delicious sloops are made using copper kettles, wooden paddles, and the finest locally sourced ingredients. Add this delicious treat to your picnic bag knowing that you are also supporting a local Salem, MA institution.


This gift is for the person in your life that is always outdoors and seeking adventure. They have an appreciation for nature and a drive to explore. A great gift idea is to get them a print from Joe’s Fresh Fish Prints. The prints are created using the Gyotaku traditional Japanese art form that dates back to the 1800’s. Locally sourced fish are used to create the ink imprint on canvases and a variety of other mediums that can be purchased. This gift is a one of a kind piece that is the perfect gift for any naturalist out there. 

An often overlooked gift is a well fitted hat and sweatshirt to be worn for cozy nights around the fire, or as a cover-up on a chilly summer beach night. District Trading Company has a wonderful line of Salem inspired apparel that pays homage to New England’s unique style of coastal living. The super soft blend of cotton and polyester that is used in their crewneck and hoodie line is a great staple piece to have for any outdoorsy type. These items make wonderful high quality gifts, and you can rest well knowing that 5% of each sale at District Trading Company is donated to local organizations that are involved in arts education. 

Aroma therapy can be the cure to many ailments, and for your environmentally conscious friend a soy candle from Witch City Wicks makes an ideal gift. All of the candles that are created by Witch City Wicks are 100% vegan and cruelty free. With their signature scents collection boasting creations as decadents as Midnight Amber, White Sage and Lavender, and Fresh Coffee there is sure to be a scent that matches your recipients personal aesthetic.


A good book can mean the world of difference to someone in your life with an appreciation of literature. Stop into The House of Seven Gables Museum Store to browse a selection of classic works written by Salem, MA local Nathaniel Hawthorne. Pair a good read with a House of the Seven Gables suncatcher to complete the perfect sunny reading nook. 

If you are looking to switch up your reading experience stop by Wicked Good Books, Pyramid Books, or The Marble Faun Books & Gifts for an eclectic selection of good reads. Grab a quirky cookbook with unique recipes, a National Book Award recipient, or a work featured in the recent 2022 Salem Lit Fest. To create the full cozy experience for your book lover to immerse themselves into this winter season, pick up a pair of Conscious Step Socks from Moody’s Home & Gifts. A portion of the sales for each pair of socks goes directly back to the correlating print that they are highlighting. If you are looking to go above and beyond to top off your book lover care package, grab a Sampler Set from Jolie Tea Company with a wide range of flavor profiles to choose from. 


We all have a fashionista in our lives that creates look after eye-catching look with ease. Finding the right gift for this person in your life can be intimidating, but don’t fret the wonderful shops in Salem, MA offer a selection of pieces for a wide range of styles. Stop into Emporium 32 and check out their one-of-a-kind hat shop with high quality and fun designs. Cross the street and step into Modern Millie for a look back in time at classic retro styles. Pick out a lovely sweater with a fun seasonal pattern, or stick to the classics with a penny loafer shoe. If you are looking to create a bundle gift purchase one of the funky and fun shaped purses that they have for sale, like their popcorn box shaped purse and fill it with a cozy cover up. 

If you are looking to complete that beyond the grave look, scan through the selections at Die With Your Boots On, and Coven. From platform boots, to wide collared dresses, and subtle lace detailing, there is a wide berth of dark styles to choose from. Chat with the friendly employees and style experts at either of the stores to get an informed opinion on what to get your loved one. 


A cozy night in with loved ones or friends are perfect for cool winter nights, especially when you can bundle up and share some laughs. A gift for this type of person has to be carefully crafted to match the vibe and energy that they bring into your life. HausWitch Home + Healing is a wonderful choice with linen spray, adorable pillows, candles, and their gem essences line. Match one of their gem essence potions made with the energetic imprint of gems and crystals to your loved ones energy. This is the perfect gift to give back some of the energy that they bring into your life to them. 

Continuing on the theme of energy and vibes, pick up an album from the Record Exchange for a fully immersive sensory experience when paired with their new gem essence. Let your loved one know just how they make you feel by matching their persona to a unique record choice. Maybe they are blue grass, or maybe they are grunge. The choice is yours! 


The choices don’t stop there, click HERE to see a full list of shops to satisfy all of your holiday gift giving needs

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