9 Witch Shops to Visit in Salem, MA

Whether you find yourself in need of crystals, candles, new tarot decks, or a psychic reading, or if you are just looking to learn more about Salem’s modern Witch community, Salem’s Witch shops stock all of the above. Keep reading to discover Witch shops around town, and be sure to check their websites for online stores, and virtual psychic readings and events.

The Cauldron Black

Located on Pickering Wharf, the Cauldron Black has everything from crystals and herbs to apparel and accessories. Many of their events are hosted online, so you can participate in lectures and programs, plus classes on the Tarot, planetary magic, and more by members of the Witch community from wherever you may be.

Crow Haven Corner

Salem’s oldest Witch shop is home to Lorelei, Salem’s love psychic. Book a reading with Lorelei or one of her talented psychics, or shop online or in person for mojo bags, witch balls, candles, jewelry, and more. Visit their website to learn more and to see walking tours and events planned in their garden.


HausWitch has everything you need to cast a spell with tarot decks, candles, essential oil sprays, and crystals, plus spell kits and home decor items. Pick up HausMagick by Erica Feldmann, the store’s Head Witch in Charge, or reserve your spot for an online tarot salon or psychic reading.

Hermetic Arts



Browse Omen’s collection of books, Tarot cards,


The Witchery


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