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April 2021 Salem Tourism Stars

This year, we’re sharing the people and places that make Salem Salem; the shopkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, tour guides, maintenance, museum greeters, restaurant servers, and more! Join us on Instagram each week as we share a new tourism star each #TourismStarTuesday, and be sure to share your experiences when you meet someone who makes your visit to Salem, Massachusetts special by tagging us (@destsalem) and #SalemTourismStar in your posts!

Ron Olson, Guide with the Salem Trolley

Salem Trolley, Salem Tourism Star

Ron Olson began working for the Salem Trolley when his wife Joanne saw an ad that they were hiring in the Salem News and suggested that the two of them could work there together. Ron drove the Salem Trolley for a number of years, eventually working as a driver/guide and today is a guide on the hour-long tours around Salem.

Ron says he wouldn’t come back every year if he didn’t love what he was doing. Working at the Salem Trolley has given him the chance to meet people from all over the world and it’s allowed him and Joanne to share their passion for Salem with visitors and locals alike. Weddings and charters always bring something new and exciting to working on the trolley, and Ron loves celebrating a good time with his guests. ⠀

Alicia Diozzi, Owner of Salem Kids Tours

Salem Kids Tour

Alicia Diozzi’s experience as a middle school social studies teacher along with her background in drama have provided the perfect foundation for her walking tours of Salem geared especially for kids and families. ⠀

Her tours are well-researched and high quality, and the perfect way for kids visiting Salem to learn about our local history in a more accessible way. Alicia’s tour guests report that she keeps the whole family entertained throughout their walk around Salem while keeping the tour educational for the kids. ⠀

Salem Kids Tour is now open for the season with tours scheduled most days through the fall. Learn more about Alicia and Salem’s most kid-friendly tour + grab your tickets at salemkidstours.com.

Steve Manwell and Joe Tully from Essex Heritage

Steve Manwell and Joe Tully are both volunteers with Essex Heritage. Steve and Joe are Melrose residents and two of the organization’s most enthusiastic volunteers. They accomplished some major projects at Bakers Island Light Station during 2020. It was Steve’s first season volunteering on Bakers, while Joe is former Coast Guard and used to work at the light station prior to Essex Heritage taking over stewardship of the site.⠀

Charlie Lipson, Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Charlie Lipson has worked for Salem Maritime National Historic Site for three years, and he has lived in Salem for 30. He’s an avid nature and wildlife photographer, and is extremely active with Friends of Greenlawn civic group and is currently working on information gathering and helping to identify the trees in the F. Carrol Sargent Arboretum at Greenlawn Cemetery. ⠀

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