Shop for Christmas Ornaments in Salem, Massachusetts

Feeling festive? Salem has become a shopper’s paradise featuring a host of shops with everything from accessories and clothing, to witch shops, pet supplies, and even Christmas ornaments and gifts (many sold year-round!)

 Partridge - Salem, Massachusetts

Located on Pickering Wharf, Partridge in a Bear Tree (82 Wharf Street) is celebrating its seventh year in Salem! The shop carries Christmas ornaments and figures like Jim Shore pieces, Snow Babies, Byers’ Choice Carolers, and other Christmas collectibles year-round. The shop is the perfect place to find themed ornaments for friends and family with all interests, as they carry ornaments based on sports, hobbies, military, career, wedding/anniversary, and baby’s first Christmas. Seasonal decorations (that are also sold year-round) include nautical designs for the summer, and Halloween ornaments decoration, and the Halloween village sets for the fall.


                  Witch ornament - Salem, Massachusetts


Other Christmas shopping opportunities can be found on the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall at Coon’s Card and Gift Shop/Penelope’s Pet Boutique (226 Essex Street), the Trolley Depot (191 Essex Street), and Moody’s Home and Gifts (109 Essex Street). A trip to Coon’s will lead you to a collection of Salem-themed pewter ornaments, the perfect souvenirs for remembering your trip to the Witch City. Additional pewter ornaments may be found just down the street at Trolley Depot, which also stocks novelty ornaments like ugly sweaters as well as glass ornaments crafted by Old World Christmas Company. Moody’s Home & Gifts stocks a variety of styles including plush animals. Just around the corner, Hauswitch Home + Healing (144 Washington Street) has wonderful wooden ornaments.


Salem, Massachusetts Salem Witch Museum Salem, Massachusetts - House of the seven gables


If you’re looking for a souvenir to remember some of your favorite Salem attractions, be sure to visit the gift shops at the Salem Witch Museum (19 1/2 N Washington Square) and the House of the Seven Gables (115 Derby Street). Shop the Salem Witch Museum for detailed gold and ceramic witch-themed ornaments, as well as pieces with the museum logo, or shop the House of the Seven Gables for ceramic and silver ornaments depicting the site’s historic buildings.

 Salem, Massachusetts - Peabody Essex Museum Salem, Massachusetts - Omen

For the artists and art lovers in your life, visit the shop at the Peabody Essex Museum (161 Essex Street). The shop features an array of ornaments year-round and this year they are featuring historical figures such as Salem’s own Nathaniel Hawthorne and historic ships.  If you are really looking for something to bring the magic of fall in Salem into your home for the holiday season, pick up a Halloween magic spell ornament from Omen (184 Essex Street). They also offer ornaments for protection, love and, successful business ventures.

If large trees aren’t your thing or you’re looking to bring holiday cheer into a smaller environment try a glass tree from Salemdipity (86 Wharf St C); this adorable set includes the tree with a star on top and a traditional ornament for each branch.

Ornaments are such a great way to remember the happiest of times and adventures in your life during the holiday season and are great gifts to loved ones to make sure you are always included in their holiday celebrations. Can’t make it to the shops? No worries, Coon’s Card and Gift Shop, the Trolley Depot, Moody’s Home and Gifts, the Salem Witch Museum, the House of the Seven Gables, Hauswitch Home + Healing, the Peabody Essex Museum, and Omen have online stores! Make sure to order as early as possible though to try to beat holiday shipping delays.



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