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February 2021 Salem Tourism Stars

This year, we’re sharing the people and places that make Salem Salem; the shopkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, tour guides, maintenance, museum greeters, restaurant servers, and more! Join us on Instagram each week as we share a new tourism star each #TourismStarTuesday, and be sure to share your experiences when you meet someone who makes your visit to Salem, Massachusetts special by tagging us (@destsalem) and #SalemTourismStar in your posts!

Nairoby, Front Office Manager at the Hampton Inn Salem

Nairoby is the Front Office Manager for the Hampton Inn Salem. Nairoby moved to Salem in 2002 from Rio San Juan, DR. She loves working downtown, sharing that “Salem gives me the same feelings as I was back home. Salem breathes diversity, hospitality, and history. That’s what we want to provide, and to invite everyone to come and discover the magic with us.” ⠀

Be sure to say hello to Nairoby and the rest of the front desk staff at the Hampton Inn Salem during your next stay, and learn more about Salem’s newest accommodations at HamptonbyHilton.com.

Kerri Morin, store manager at Modern Millie

Photo by John Andrews

Kerri Morin is the store manager at Modern Millie who has worked at the Salem shop since 2013!

“Salem is such an accepting community filled with unique people and the magical feeling you get being there makes the hour commute from New Hampshire everyday worth it. For someone like me who has always had a passion for artistic expression through fashion Millie’s is really a dream job! My favorite thing about the shop has to be the feeling of being in such a creative atmosphere surrounded by such inspirational women. There’s nothing else like it!”⠀
-Kerri ⠀

Rachel Christ, Director of Education at the Salem Witch Museum

Photo by John Andrews

Rachel Christ is the Director of Education at the Salem Witch Museum. Rachel began working in Salem in 2015 doing what she thought would just be a summer job. She fell in love with #SalemMA though, and has been here ever since! ⠀

Rachel loves working in Salem for many reasons- “The community is vibrant, diverse, and creative. The history is fascinating. It feels like every day I learn something new and captivating about the city. I also love the ocean and one of my favorite things about working in Salem is being able to walk to the ocean during a lunch break.”⠀

You can see some of Rachel’s work in the education department at the Salem Witch Museum both in person during your next visit and online with a schedule full of virtual events. Rachel and the rest of the museum’s education team have been hard at work making their materials more accessible to a virtual audience by creating online site tours, video walking tours of local neighborhoods, and free virtual exhibits. ⠀

Kenneth Glover, tour guide from Sinister Stories of Salem

Kenneth Glover is the local tour guide behind Sinister Stories of Salem. Kenneth’s morning and afternoon strolls offer in in depth looks into Salem’s past, with a special focus on regional Puritanism based on Kenneth’s own research. He is well versed in the Bay Psalms Book of 1640 and he enjoys sharing music from the 17th century with guests on his tours. His tour also covers the Salem Witch Trials, American Revolution, and history of Salem as world-class port, plus stops along historic Chestnut Street and Salem’s notable landmarks. ⠀

Kenneth is also active in the local community serving as a member of the Friends of Broad Street Cemetery, the Pickering Foundation, the Salem Athenaeum, and the Salem Quarter of Friends (Quakers). Tours with Kenneth start back up again in the spring– Visit sinisterstoriesofsalem.com to plan your visit for later this year. ⠀

Have you met a local tourism star? Tag us and use #SalemTourismStar to share the people who made your visit to Salem a memorable one. ⠀


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