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Movies and Shows Filmed in Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts has quite the film history with everything from crime dramas and documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters being filmed all over town. Salem has doubled for another setting in certain instances, and encompassed the entire story of the film in others. Find a complete list of movies and TV series filmed in Salem here and discover some of our favorite film projects below:

Bewitched (1970)

The “Salem Saga” episodes of Bewitched were filmed in Salem due to a studio fire on the series’ set in Hollywood. The episodes brought Samantha to Salem for a witches’ convention and followed her and Darrin around town, with stops at iconic locations like The House of the Seven Gables. In 2005, TV Land brought a statue of Samantha to Lappin Park by the intersection of Washington and Essex Streets, and today the statue is one of the most photographed locations in Salem.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Hocus Pocus has become a cult classic since it debuted in 1993, and many of the most iconic locations in the movie were filmed in Salem. Shots of the town in 1693 in the beginning of the film were done in Pioneer Village, and iconic downtown locations featured include the Ropes Mansion (Allison’s House), Salem Common, Old Town Hall, and more. Find a complete list of Hocus Pocus film locations you can see on your next visit to Salem here.

Bride Wars (2009)

Bride Wars, stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as best friends and rival brides who schedule their weddings on the same day. The beginning of the film shows the two as guests at another wedding in a scene that was filmed in East India Marine Hall at the Peabody Essex Museum. While the characters in the movie are set on having their weddings “in June at the Plaza,” the Peabody Essex Museum is one of the most popular venues in Salem for both ceremonies and receptions.

Who Do You Think You Are? (2010)

Who Do You Think You Are is a documentary TV series that followed the genealogy of various celebrities. One episode of the series featured Sarah Jessica Parker and shared her ancestral connections to the Salem Witch Trials. To explore your own ancestral or immigrant connections to Salem, join us for Salem Ancestry Days this summer.

American Hustle (2013)

American Hustle tells the story of  a 1970s conman (played by Christian Bale), his wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and his partner (Amy Adams) who after being forced to work with an unhinged FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) finds himself caught up in a world of New Jersey mafia debacles. It was was filmed in numerous locations throughout Boston and the North Shore, including scenes shot outside Salem’s courthouses on Federal Street.

Joy (2015)

Joy stars Jennifer Lawrence as the title character who becomes an overnight sensation and millionaire after launching the Miracle Mop on QVC. Along with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper, the film was shot in a variety of cities and towns around the North Shore with Salem’s scenes featuring the historic Hawthorne Hotel.

Chronicle (2017)

Salem has been the focus of multiple episodes of Chronicle over the years, most recently in 2017 with features on The Merchant and Ledger (shown above), Schooner Fame, Salem Food Tours, Spellbound Tours, and more.

Mass Hysteria (2019)

Mass Hysteria is set and was entirely filmed in Salem in 2019. The story follows a group of historical reenactors who find themselves wrapped up in a modern day witch hunt when a tourist dies during their performance on Halloween night. Notable Salem locations in the film include Old Town Hall, the Essex Street pedestrian mall, Pioneer Village, and appearances by the Salem Trolley.

Castle Rock (2019)

Based on themes developed in works by Stephen King, Castle Rock brings the author’s classic characters and settings into a series currently in its second season on Hulu. Scenes from the show’s second season were shot in Pioneer Village- See if you can spot them in the trailer.

Defending Jacob (2020)

Defending Jacob, set to debut as a miniseries April 24, 2020 on Apple TV, follows an assistant district attorney (Chris Evans) who finds himself torn between upholding the law and his love for his son. Based on a novel by William Landay, the series includes scenes shot by Salem’s courthouses on Federal Street.

Hubie Halloween (2020)

In Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler plays Salem resident Hubie Dubois who spends his Octobers making sure everyone has a safe and memorable Halloween experience. This year though, he finds himself tangled up in a mystery downtown on Halloween, which results in a comedic Netflix debut filmed in iconic locations like the Salem Witch Museum and Salem Common.

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