The Art of Aura with HausWitch Home and Healing

What would the world look like if everyone had the chance to see themselves as an energetic being? This is the driving philosophy behind our new in-store offering, Personal Rainbow Aura Photography. In addition to looking beautiful, aura photos are undeniable evidence of the energy that surrounds our physical bodies and how it changes from moment to moment! 

Some of our early experiments in aura photography with our camera, Prismatica, were pictures of our staff responding to various stimuli (very scientific): thinking about a late loved one, listening to a favorite song, laughing at a funny joke. We got two incredible back-to-back shots of our visual merchandiser Lish and her husband Chuck before-and-mid-kiss; the “before” picture was a cloud of comfy red, but as soon as their lips locked the colors shifted to vibrant green, the hue of the heart! Truly a love you could see.

For some, witchcraft seems fantastical, even scary or silly. But with Personal Rainbow we’ve found we can share the truth of our practice: energy is REAL and beautiful, and that feels like a true gift to both us and the folks visiting The Witch City. You can read more about our philosophy of aura photography here! 

Since we’ve opened Personal Rainbow appointments to the public, we’ve been honored to photograph giggling bffs of forty years, parent/kid combos of all ages, newlyweds, newborns, first daters, birthday celebrators- energetic beings from every walk of life. The patterns we’ve noticed are uncanny, yet every one is unique. And EVERYONE looks cute in an aura photo 😉

So what happens during a Personal Rainbow appointment? First you’ll take a seat in our (wheelchair-accessible) retro-style photo booth and place your hands on the metal-plated aura sensors. If you’re a team of two, each of you will place one palm on a sensor, and then you’re welcome to hold hands or link arms or give bunny ears with the other! This sensor uses a unique algorithm to convert your “invisible” energy field into visible color, and then the camera transposes this color over the snapshot of your physical body. Once we snap your photo, it can take up to 30 seconds for the camera to convert your energy to color, so pick a pose you can stick with! 

Each instant-film keepsake photo comes with a personalized interpretation by one of our rainbow readers, so while your photo takes a minute or two to develop you’ll get a rundown of what you might see before we flip it over (we love to ask guests what they expect their aura to look like)! Then the reading: a Personal Rainbow reading is a combination of aura photo color theory and psychic intuition, as well as a collaborative conversation between you and your reader. 

We encourage you to share your own interpretations of the photo and the energetic space you’re in, since you’re the one who knows what’s affecting your vibe! It’s always fun to have an “aha!” moment when someone with a bright orange aura reveals they’ve recently moved or started a new job. Plus that’s part of the self-empowerment we hope to pass on along with the photo: recognizing patterns in your own energy is how you develop your intuition. 

You can book your own Personal Rainbow appointment through our website here, or reach out to auraphotos@hauswitch.com for information about private parties for everything from bachelorettes to birthdays! We can’t wait to see your true colors. 

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