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January 2021 Salem Tourism Stars

This year, we’re sharing the people and places that make Salem Salem; the shopkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, tour guides, maintenance, museum greeters, restaurant servers, and more! Join us on Instagram each week as we share a new tourism star each #TourismStarTuesday, and be sure to share your experiences when you meet someone who makes your visit to Salem, Massachusetts special by tagging us (@destsalem) and #SalemTourismStar in your posts!

Chor Boogie, artist in Punto Urban art Museum

Chor Boogie, Punto Urban Art Museum
Photo by Jared Charney

Chor Boogie is one of the artists whose work is featured in @urban.art.museum (with his mural “Love Child 24” pictured above). A critically acclaimed spray paint artist, @chorboogie has contributed three large scale murals to Salem’s Punto Urban Art Museum. ⠀

As a primarily self taught artist, he finds inspiration in classical artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Dali and in notable spray paint artists like Phase2, Vulcan, and Riff170 who were instrumental in the medium as an art form as well as in hip hop cultural movements. His artwork draws viewers in while confronting topics like race, class, gender, and the rights of indigenous peoples. ⠀

Thanks to the works by artists like Chor Boogie, Punto Urban Art Museum brings unique perspectives to Salem, connecting both residents and visitors with public art while supporting @northshorecdc, the Point neighborhood’s community development non-profit. ⠀

Chor Boogie’s murals along with the rest of Punto Urban Art Museum are accessible year-round and just a short walk from downtown Salem. Find a map and full list of murals to explore on puntourbanartmuseum.org and learn more about Chor Boogie and see where to find his art at chorboogie.com.⠀

Sarah Black, tour guide with Bewitched After Dark Walking Tours

Sarah Black, Bewitched After Dark Walking Tours

Sarah is a Salem resident with a Masters degree in History from UMass Boston who has been giving historical walking tours with Bewitched After Dark for three years. Pamela Captain, co-owner of Bewitched After Dark says, “We at Bewitched After Dark and our many tour guests love her passion and talent for bringing Salem’s rich history to life.”⠀

Bewitched After Dark’s tours return Fridays and Saturdays in March, and advanced tickets are recommended on bewitchedafterdark.com. Be sure to say hello to Sarah if you have her on your tour!

Billie Demond, photographer at Witch Pix

Billie Demond, Witch Pix

Billie Demond is a Lynn resident who has been working at Witch Pix for 10 years. He is the lead photographer with many faithful returning customers. Billie excels at bringing out the most glamorous smirks and glares on every style of witch, young, mature, powerful and meek alike. His creativity and photography inspiration is most significantly influenced by Madonna.

Hope Hitchcock, owner of Witch Pix says. “Billie has a unique ability to weave pop culture and historical references into his moody costume styling and Vogue-worthy portrait poses.“ Be sure to give Billie your best “serving-witch-face” while on set at Witch Pix!

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