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June 2021 Salem Tourism Stars

This year, we’re sharing the people and places that make Salem Salem; the shopkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, tour guides, maintenance, museum greeters, restaurant servers, and more! Join us on Instagram each week as we share a new tourism star each #TourismStarTuesday, and be sure to share your experiences when you meet someone who makes your visit to Salem, Massachusetts special by tagging us (@destsalem) and #SalemTourismStar in your posts!

Leanne Marrama from Pentagram, and Sandra Mariah Wright from Hex and Omen

Renowned Witch and High Priestess, Leanne Marrama is co-owner and one of the psychics behind Pentagram, Salem’s newest Witch shop. Her warm, approachable spirit and sense of humor make her easy to talk to, causing lots of #SalemMA visitors to book readings with her year after year. Leanne specializes in tarot, dream interpretations, past lives and mediumship, and she is is the co-author of “Reading the Leaves,” with Sandra.⠀

Sandra Mariah Wright is a local Witch and High Priestess who uses her magic and psychic insight to offer the guidance and wisdom of the old ways of Witchcraft to those around her. In addition to her published work co-authored with Leanne, Sandra has read tarot cards for nearly two decades, today offering readings that act as a road map to life: where you’re coming from, where you’re headed, and most importantly, the best way to get where you want to be.⠀

Meet this week’s Tourism Stars or join them for a reading next time you’re in Salem by visiting pentagramsalem.com for Leanne and omensalem.com for Sandra. (And, if you are visiting during Salem Haunted Happenings, grab a ticket to Sandra’s annual event with Festival of the Dead, ” Death & Rebirth: Ritual Transformation.)⠀

Ethan Herson from Wynott’s Wands

Ethan grew up in Natick, Massachusetts, and met his husband, a ghost tour manager with Salem Night tour in #SalemMA. Today, Ethan works right downtown at his favorite shop from when he was growing up- Dreams do come true here in Salem and at Wynott’s Wands. ⠀

Be sure to say hello if you see Ethan downtown at Wynott’s Wands located right on Essex Street. And if you’re looking for a walking tour, you can head right next door to Remember Salem for a Salem Night Tour at Ethan’s recommendation. ⠀

Matt Smith from District Trading Company

Matt, from District Trading, shared with us:⠀
“There are so many things that I love about Salem. Like most, I love the historic architecture, walkable neighborhoods, gorgeous open spaces, and the vibrant downtown. It’s just a great, fun place to live and work. And as a part of the LGBTQ community, what I love most about Salem is its culture of inclusivity. It’s a city that walks the walk, embracing and celebrating what makes its people (and visitors) special and unique – including who they love, which is pretty remarkable. Think about it, Salem is a place known for the Witch Trials, a time of horrific intolerance, but flash forward 300 years, and it’s the exact opposite. It’s a quirky, colorful, welcoming, inclusive little waterfront city. That’s what I try to capture with my minimal designs for District Trading Company – the colorful characters, amazing history, and oceanside setting.”⠀

Jonah Hoffman from the Salem Witch Museum

Jonah’s colleagues at the Salem Witch Museum shared their appreciation for Jonah’s hard work: ⠀
“We can’t say enough good things about Jonah, who joined our team in September of 2020. Jonah not only goes above and beyond working with visitors, but also assists our Department of Education with aplomb. He is smart, caring, positive, and filled with great ideas!”⠀

James St. Vincent from The House of the Seven Gables and Salem Historical Tours

James St. Vincent has been a historical interpreter at The House of the Seven Gables for the past four years and is currently a tour guide with Salem Historical Tours. James gives one of the most enthusiastic tours you’ll ever go on – blending in modern pop culture with researched, historical facts. Salem is lucky to have a star like James!⠀

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