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May 2021 Salem Tourism Stars

This year, we’re sharing the people and places that make Salem Salem; the shopkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, tour guides, maintenance, museum greeters, restaurant servers, and more! Join us on Instagram each week as we share a new tourism star each #TourismStarTuesday, and be sure to share your experiences when you meet someone who makes your visit to Salem, Massachusetts special by tagging us (@destsalem) and #SalemTourismStar in your posts!

David Newman, Reader at Hermetic Arts

David from Hermetic Arts is a scholar and practitioner of Medieval and Renaissance era Solomonic Magick. He is a long-time member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a Ceremonial Magician. As an Occult Scholar, David is a master Tarot reader and has over 30 years of training and practical experience. He has a passion for rare occult manuscripts and collections and uses his expertise daily at the store. Stop by Hermetic Arts or visit hermeticarts.com and book your reading with David today! ⠀

Natalia Grishin, Intern for Salem Main Streets and Future Leader at Essex Heritage

Natalia Grishin is a senior at Salem Academy Charter School and spent last year interning for Kylie Sullivan at Salem Main Streets and enjoying her first season as a Future Leader with Essex Heritage. She is hoping to spend another exciting summer with Future Leaders before she heads off to college at Boston University. ⠀

Seán, Guide from Witch City Walking Tours

Witch City Walking Tours shared: “You’ll recognize Seán from his impeccable fashion sense of waistcoats and blazers. He originally hails from Maryland (and is proud of it!) Prior to joining Witch City Walking Tours, Seán worked at historic sites all over, from California to Northern England. In addition to touring around Salem, Seán teaches social history and writing at UMass Lowell and holds a Master’s degree in 18th Century Studies from the University of York, England.⠀

His favorite location in Salem is Pamplemousse. What he loves the most about being a guide is “watching our guests realize that history is fun and relevant.”⠀

You can book your next tour with Witch City Walking Tours online at witchcitywalkingtours.com or call 781-608-6986 for availability with Seán!

Angelica and Eric, owners of Odd Meter Coffee

“Hi hi! We are Angelica and Eric of Odd Meter Coffee. We opened our cozy, vibrant little spot in downtown Salem, MA, so we can celebrate our fellow humans and make delicious coffee.⠀

Besides loving people and coffee, we believe there’s no point of being in business if we can’t have a positive impact on the world around us, so we’ve built a lot of our values into it. Success for us is about way more than profits. It’s about how much we can increase inclusivity and economic justice, reduce our impact on our beloved earth, and really connect with the people in our community.⠀ We hope you’ll stop by and say hi!”⠀

Visit Angelica and Eric at Odd Meter at 60 Washington Street in #SalemMA or place your order online.⠀

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