Salem Businesses Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries in 2022

As Salem moves towards its 400th anniversary, we want to mark significant anniversaries of some of the businesses that contribute to the unique and dynamic fabric of the city.

50th – Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum opened in 1972 and has been sharing the history of the Salem Witch Trials and the changing perception of witches over time for 50 years. The museum is featured on the cover of this year’s Salem Guide in honor of its anniversary!

40th – Salem Haunted Happenings

The world’s largest celebration of Halloween began one weekend in October 1982, when magic shows and eerie events were bookended by tours of the Salem Witch Museum and Witch Dungeon Museum.

40th – Salem Trolley

Salem Trolley on Essex Street

Visitors have been riding the red trolley around Salem for four decades! Ding-ding-ding goes the one-hour narrated tour of the waterfront and architectural districts in Salem. The Trolley remains one of the best ways to experience the stories of Salem condensed into one hour of history and fun.

30th – Cry Innocent: The People vs. Bridget Bishop

This reenactment of the examination of Bridget Bishop has been part of the Salem Witch Trials education for thousands of visitors and students. It is the only place in Salem where the audience can cross-examine the accused and come to their own conclusions right before finding out if they, the audience, are right or wrong.

25th – Artemisia Botanicals

This local Witch shop offers products for healing, culinary, beauty, and magical uses, including hundreds of loose leaf teas and herbs, books, bath products, candles, home decor, and more. The shop also offers psychic readings and workshops to create your own magical tools.

25th – Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours by Salem Historical Tours

Salem Historical Tours
Photo by John Andrews

One of the first walking tours in Salem, Haunted Footsteps has been sharing the spookier side of Salem for a quarter-century. Some of the stories have become classic pieces of the Salem experience, including the ghost of the Ward House, the story of the White murder, or the specter of Bridget Bishop.

20th – Schooner FAME

Schooner Fame of Salem

Salem’s privateer history was largely a mystery until the Schooner FAME set sail from Pickering Wharf. Built in Essex, MA, this wooden replica of a Revolutionary War privateer (it’s like a legal pirate!) has been firing a canon at the “enemy,” providing a unique venue for special events, and giving visitors the opportunity to experience Salem Harbor under sail for 20 years.

20th – Pamplemousse

French for “grapefruit,” Pamplemousse has been Salem’s go-to shop for gifts, home goods, and specialty items for two decades. When it moved to its iconic corner of Essex and Central Streets, Pamplemousse expanded to sell wine, beer, and mead, and added weekly wine tastings to the calendar.

20th – Spellbound Tours

Visitors looking for a darker history in Salem have been running to Spellbound Tours for 20 years. Dr. Vitka’s tours combine voodoo, vampire folklore, and the paranormal for a memorable Salem experience.

20th – Coons Cards & Gifts

Coons Basic Salem Psychic

Karen Davis has been sharing the magic of Coon’s Card & Gift Shop since 2002.  They sell a variety of souvenirs, and gifts for humans and pets, including sweatshirts, crewnecks, and their Wicked Blessed line to remind us all how blessed we are!

15th – Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

One of Salem’s gems, Count Orlok’s has been sharing the history of horror cinema with visitors for 15 years. Featuring incredible monsters of cinema, and adding new fiends from year to year, Count Orlok’s is always worth a visit.

10th – Salem Food Tours

Salem Food Tours
Credit: John Andrews

Salem became more delicious in 2012 when Salem Food Tours opened. Connecting the history with the food and drinks, Salem Food Tours brings Guests to delicious local favorites.

Cheers to the Salem business community that enriches the Salem experience and has been ensuring visitors from near and far are served great meals, find unique gifts, and leave with wonderful memories!

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