Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Autumn to many is the season of harvest and warmth, with days getting shorter and nights getting colder. A staple to the modern day Autumn fold, is the quest to find a delicious and warming pumpkin spice latte or PSL to enhance your fall mood. We went out around Salem, MA and tried a handful of locally made pumpkin spice creations, with a few curveballs along the way! 

Jolie Tea Company

One of our first stops along our pumpkin spice journey was a visit to Jolie Tea Company. We had the pleasure of trying their delicious pumpkin Pie Rooibos tea brew. The kind and helpful staff informed us that the pumpkin spice blend pays homage to the spices often associated with pumpkin spice treats such as clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The warm cup of pumpkin tea set us up with fresh pallets and caffeinated spirits for the rest of our pumpkin spice journey. 

Gulu Gulu Café

Our next stop on the pumpkin spice journey is Gulu Gulu Café where we were able to try two different takes on the classic PSL. The experienced baristas gave us some great tips about how to enjoy the perfect seasonal pumpkin spice latte. When ordering a hot PSL they say that their expert tip is to use whole milk which foams perfectly with the blend of spices in a hot latte. It is also a great way to lay the foundation for a fun foam art design. When enjoying an iced PSL they recommend trying a milk alternative, such as oat milk to emulate the creamy taste of whole milk, but with a lighter feel. 

Odd Meter Coffee Co.

Continuing down the rabbit whole of our pumpkin spice adventure we made a stop at Odd Meter Coffee Co. for a reprise from the pumpkin flavors that we had been sampling. Our wonderful friends over at Odd Meter Coffee Co. let us try their take on a fall season latte called the Witch’s Wand Latte. This delicious drink uses a blend of sweet hazelnut and black bitters to create a molasses cookie taste. This latte lets you enjoy the warm flavors that are associated with fall here in New England while putting their fun unique twist on things!

After taking a quick break from our pumpkin flavored adventure, we were ready to jump full force back into the pumpkin spice craze. The team over at Kakawa Chocolate House welcomed us with open arms and laid out an entire spread of all things pumpkin spice. They had artisan chocolates, pumpkin coconut and chocolate macarons, freshly baked pumpkin loaves, and even pumpkin flavored ice cream. Each individual goodie had its own set of unique flavors with the pumpkin spice theme pairing nicely with each item. The educated staff at Kakawa told us that a great way to enjoy their pumpkin treats is to enjoy them with their delicious chocolate chai elixir. The combination of the two flavor profiles felt like we were experiencing fall in a meal! 

Rockafellas of Salem

Our final two stops on our pumpkin spice journey took us in an entirely different direction. We stopped at Turner’s Seafood and Rockafellas of Salem for some alcoholic take on pumpkin spice. Over at Rockafellas we were able to sit at their gorgeous marble bar and enjoy a Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale with a pumpkin spice cinnamon sugar rim! The cinnamon sugar rim gives the pumpkin spice beer a nice balance of sweetness with a crisp fresh taste at the end. The bartenders were quick to recommend it as a way to truly enjoy a taste of fall with your stop for a beverage. Hopping over to Turner’s Seafood afterwards their bartenders told us about their newest fall drink that was conceptualized and created by one of their talented bartenders. One of the very talented bartenders at Turner’s makes their very own maple syrup, and using this maple syrup they created the Sugar Shack Harvest drink! If you are a true pumpkin fan, don’t fret you can still order the seasonal classics at Turner’s including their Pumpkin Pie Martini, or their Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. 

Turner’s Seafood

We learned a very valuable lesson from our pumpkin journey here in Salem, Massachusetts which is that no matter where you go in town you are sure to find a unique and delicious pumpkin creation that fits your favorite flavor profiles! 

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