Salem Springs to Life With Art

The City of Salem is pleased to announce several new installations, murals, and public events funded by Salem’s Public Art Commission

With warm weather on the way, the City of Salem’s Public Art Commission (PAC) has been diligently bringing new art into the city that the public can observe, enjoy, and even interact with. Embracing all forms of art, the new work seen throughout Salem ranges from murals to public performances and more.

Completed in early April, visitors to the Community Life Center, 401 Bridge St, can view a new mural entitled Seasons of Salem that was skillfully designed and executed by Salem-based, BIPOC artist, Anna Dugan. Spanning across the Great Room, Salem’s iconic emblems such as Old Town Hall, the Bewitched Statue, The Witch House, and more have been artfully painted in vibrant and fun colors. Pictures of the mural and more of Anna’s work can be found on her Instagram account @annadidathing.

For those who are interested in more interactive art are encouraged to visit Paten Park, 41 Buffum St, where a new interactive and long-term temporary sculpture entitled “The Power of Three” has been erected. The Myth Makers, the dynamic artist duo Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, are the creative minds behind this installation which honors the local Northern Saw Whet Owls. This project was made possible by a grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Making It Public Program, in partnership with the Salem Public Art Commission.

More interactive, sculptural works of art can be seen at Leslie’s Retreat, Flint Street.  Six (6) new sculptures are now on display there until April 2024.  All of the works are fun and whimsical, and many encourage interaction and play. These pieces are part of the City’s temporary rotating sculpture garden that moved from Collins Cove to this new location for 2023.  The installation includes: “Follow Your Heart (Harry)” by Mark Wholey, “Dandelions” by Blaze Konefal, “Safety Net” by Joyce Audy Zarins, “River Siren” by Joshua Ruder, “Leap of Faith” by Eric Olson, and “Reflections on Hot Still Scape in 3D” by Allen Spivack.

The Power of Three by Donna Dodson (right) & Andy Moerlein (left) by Fae Phoenix

Lastly, the Salem Art Fest will also be returning from June 2 to the 4. Featured programing will include and art gallery at Old Town Hall, the Mural Slam (a live painting event on Artist’s Row), and this year’s community art project ‘For the Record’, led by emerging Public Artist and Salem student Alexia Coleman, under the mentorship of Salem’s 2023 Public Artist in Residence, Claudia Paraschiv and local public artist Linda Mullen. The event is hosted by Salem Main Streets in partnership with the Salem Public Art Commission and Creative Collective. A full schedule of events can be explored here: https://salemartsfestival.com/events. Come join the fun!

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