Salem to Host Conference: Preservation in a Changing Climate

The City of Salem and the Salem Preservation Partners are excited to announce the third annual conference focusing on addressing climate impacts to the region’s historic resources. The one-day conference will be held in person on September 12th, 2023 at the Peabody Essex Museum Morse Auditorium.

Building on the 2021 and 2022 Preservation in a Changing Climate Conferences, this year’s event will continue efforts to raise awareness of and discuss adaptation strategies to address climate impacts on historic buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods. The conference will include a full day of in-person events including panel discussions, extended opportunities for Q&A with speakers, lunch provided by PEM and a closing reception with remarks by the new Massachusetts Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer.

The North Shore of Boston, including Salem and surrounding communities is witnessing firsthand the damaging effects of climate change on historic properties and neighborhoods. Coastal and riverine flooding, wind damage, excessive rain, and rising humidity and heat all effect the future of our historic resources. To address these changes and protect the region’s historic resources, preservationists, environmentalists, engineers, city planners, legislators, insurers, historic building owners and other decision-makers will be tasked to identify and implement adaptation strategies to make historic buildings and neighborhoods more resilient and sustainable. This conference will explore these strategies including nontraditional solutions and experimental approaches.

“I’m very grateful to the Salem Preservation Partners collaborative for continuing this critical dialogue through the annual Preservation in a Changing Climate conference,” said Mayor Pangallo. “Salem is forward-looking and pro-active in our approaches to managing the local impacts of global climate change, which are increasingly evident. As both a coastal and an historic community, especially, we want to be intentional and thoughtful in how we plan and prepare for these challenges. In Salem, we treasure our history because it has laid the foundation for our values and our hopes today. Dialogues like Preservation in a Changing Climate will help ensure that this can continue to be the case for future generations of Salem residents.”

Salem Preservation Partners is a group of historic preservation organizations that gather bi-monthly to discuss issues and activities pertinent to the community. As owners of historic buildings and leaders in the preservation field, Salem’s Preservation Partners formed a subcommittee to help historic properties and neighborhoods plan to adapt to rising sea levels and other climate change challenges. Hosted by the City of Salem’s Planning and Community Development Department, the Partners include the Peabody Essex Museum, the House of the Seven Gables, Salem Sound Coastwatch, Essex National Heritage, Historic New England, the National Park Service, Historic Salem Inc., Destination Salem, and many more.

The fee for attending this year’s conference will be $50 per person, which will include the in-person education sessions, light refreshments, lunch, and a closing reception. For more information and to register for the conference, visit https://www.preservingsalem.com/preservation-in-a-changing-climate-1.

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