Spirits are high in Salem, MA

2016 marked the year that recreational marijuana became legal for anyone over the age of 21 in the state of Massachusetts. This came to fruition after the passing of the Marijuana Legislative Initiative, and has sparked a popular new segment of tourism considered Cannabis Tourism. We’ve created a list of things that you should know about marijuana use in the state of Massachusetts as well as information on one of our favorite local dispensaries, which is bringing a new twist to your recreational marijuana experience.

Before diving into your Salem, MA cannabis experience there are some basics that you should know regarding the laws of marijuana consumption

  • You can’t use marijuana in any form (smoking, vaping, edibles, etc.) in public or on federal land (including Salem Maritime National Park Service) 
  • You can have up to 1 oz on you and up to 10 oz in your home
  • You can grow up to 6 plants in your home, and up to 12 plants for 2 or more adults
  • If you have more than 1 oz of marijuana in your home, it has to be locked up. But it’s best to keep any amount locked away to keep kids and pets safe.
  • Like alcohol, you can’t have an open container of any form of marijuana in the passenger area of your car while on the road or at a place where the public has access. It must be stored in a closed container in your trunk or a locked glove compartment.
  • It’s illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. If you use it, don’t get behind the wheel. Instead, use public transportation, ride-shares (we recommend the Salem Skipper!), or catch a ride with a sober friend.
  • Employers, landlords, cities, and towns may have their own policies about the use of marijuana. Check with them to see what is legal.

If you are visiting our wonderful city of Salem, MA as a tourist and you are looking to indulge in some legal marijuana, there are a different set of rules and regulations. There are limits to the amount that you are allowed to purchase, regulations on where you can partake, carrying regulations, and more that we have highlighted below for your convenience. 

What to Know 

Have your ID ready

First of all, remember that you have to be 21 to purchase and consume cannabis legally. No exceptions. And there will be no fooling a dispensary or getting by without an official government issued ID. The rules are strict with cannabis sales and your ID will be checked and rechecked before you are allowed into the establishment, let alone to make a purchase.

There are buying limits

There are limits for how much cannabis any person can buy at a time, regardless of whether you are a resident of Massachusetts or not. The current possession limit is one ounce, where not more than five grams of marijuana can be in the form of marijuana concentrate. That can get confusing when you are purchasing different kinds of products in the dispensary. Your budtender and other dispensary staff will be able to help guide you when making purchases to ensure you stay under the legal limit. Keep in mind that they are also prohibited from selling you more than that amount per transaction.

Public consumption is not allowed

While it is legal to possess cannabis products in public, any consumption of marijuana in public or smoking marijuana in an area where smoking tobacco is prohibited is also in violation of the law.

Not all hotels or other rental accommodations are cool with consumption

For visitors who abide by the “no public consumption” rules, there are only a few options left for them as far as locations to consume their legally purchased cannabis products. Be sure to check with any kind of rental or hotel accommodations before consuming cannabis products– whether by smoking, vaping, eating, or otherwise on their premises. Massachusetts currently does not license social consumption or mixed-use establishments such as marijuana consumption bars or yoga studios.

How to carry products with you while you are traveling in Massachusetts

The short answer is to carry marijuana and marijuana products in a concealed and enclosed manner. When purchasing products, they will be given to you in a scaled bag or case. This is perfect to store your products within your luggage, car, or other personal property when you are in public. The idea is to keep your items secure and out of sight. When traveling with children or pets, you should be especially cautious about keeping products locked up and out of reach.

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal. Period. If you are consuming cannabis products while visiting Massachusetts, make sure there is a sober driver and never get behind the wheel after you have consumed any amount of cannabis. If you need to get from place to place after consuming cannabis, consider a rideshare, such as a cab, Uber, Lyft, or Salem Skipper.

Taking your cannabis with you

Taking any amount of cannabis with you when you return home outside of Massachusetts is illegal and should under no circumstance be attempted. The possession of cannabis in any form is no longer legal as soon as you cross a state line, and the possession of any cannabis product is also prohibited in Massachusetts airports. You must enjoy your purchase in MA. 

Mailing your purchases home

Many tourists think that shipping their marijuana purchases home is an easy way around the laws that prohibit them from taking products across state lines. Unfortunately, that could not be more wrong. In fact, it counts as moving illegal drugs across state lines, and if you are caught, there will be steep penalties. Again, do not risk the consequences and leave all legally purchased cannabis products in Massachusetts.

These guidelines have been approved by the Cannabis Control Commission.


The Grass Really is Greener on the Other Side!

Seagrass is a wonderful local dispensary here in Salem, MA and is beloved by both locals and visitors alike. Seagrass is located at 3 Dodge street right near the center of downtown Salem, and is a tough spot to miss with its beautifully painted exterior. Not only is the business a great spot to stop into for all of your weed related needs, but it is also a part of the Punto Urban Arts District. The dispensary is open seven days a week with varying hours that can be seen HERE. The team over at Seagrass have worked hard to create an open and welcoming environment for all. Not only is the staff welcoming, but they are also extremely knowledgeable about all things cannabis. Whether you are looking for a sativa tincture to add to your morning coffee, or an indica based edible to help you fall asleep the budristas have got you covered. 

As with any form of indulgence whether it be alcohol or marijuana, it is important to be responsible when partaking. Make sure you ask questions when attempting to find the right product for you. Seagrass is a big part of the community here in Salem, MA and looks to promote community and connection through their business. If you are looking to stay up to date on all things marijuana in Salem, MA check out Seagrasses blog HERE

Solar Eclipse Smoke Cleanse 

This year, as some of our favorite witches over at HausWitch Home + Healing have explained, the 4/20 holiday falls on a solar eclipse. The team over at HausWitch have created a manifestation spell using marijuana and taking advantage of the moon being in eclipse. This spell will help you to recenter yourself and set manifestations for the reminder of the month. Take advantage of the holidays and allow yourself to get onto a HIGHER energy level. Banish bad vibes and negative energy in any way that feels comfy to you, using marajuana at the center element of your spell. You will need matches, marajuana, candles, and a crystal to perform this cleansing spell. If you want to learn more about using marajuana as a healing tool during this 4/20 holiday you can read more HERE on the HausWitch blog page.

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