Step into “A Christmas Carol” This December in Salem, MA

The Salem Trolley & Gallows Hill Theatre “A Christmas Carol” trolley ride is currently SOLD OUT for the 2022 season. Keep an eye out for their 2023 schedule.

Now entering its 36th season, the Salem Trolley & Gallows Hill Theatre “A Christmas Carol” trolley ride is truly a delight this holiday season. Trolley riders step into the classic story “A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens for a little over an hour, coming face to face with the lively characters that we all know so well. The enclosed trolley takes you through the streets of Salem as you accompany Scrooge on his journey and encounter the spirits of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future. 

Your journey begins at the Salemdipity store located on Pickering Wharf here in Salem, MA, filled with warmth and merriment as you await the arrival of the first few characters of the tale. Bob Cratchit bursts through the door with glee to greet you as you peruse through the holiday gifts and displays that the staff over at Salemdipity have carefully set up. The scene is set and holiday songs are sung, when suddenly, Scrooge walks in changing the tone entirely. He informs you that you will be following him onto his trolley, and that if you know what is best for you your tickets had better be out and ready once seated. 

The trolley pulls away from the wharf with a spurt and Scrooge reminds you that there will be no festivities or cheer to be had while on board. A pocket watch is used to keep time throughout the journey and plays a vital role in the through line of the evening. Scrooge inspects his watch carefully letting the group know that it was his former business partner Jacob Marley’s watch. Chains rattle and in a flash of white and light, Marley appears on the trolley in the flesh! He warns the group of the spirits that are to come and vanishes quicker than he had appeared. As a part of the story, Scrooge pulls you along with him as he departs the trolley and into a theater space to explore visions of his past. 

The entire show truly is an interactive experience with audience participation playing a big part in the telling of the story. There are opportunities to dance with a young Scrooge in his past, sing Christmas songs with Fezziwig, and break bread on Christmas night with the Cratchit family. Scrooge’s transformative journey plays out before your eyes and invites you to be a key piece of the puzzle in his change of heart. The Salem Trolley & Gallows Hill Theatre “A Christmas Carol” trolley ride really is a great way to spend time with your friends and family while getting out of the house during this cold season. Nothing brings you closer to your loved ones quite like a grouchy Scrooge heckling you for an evening and filling the night air with laughter. 

Ticket are available at the link HERE

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