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Crow Haven Corner is the Oldest Witch Shop in the Country and has become a staple for tourists visiting Historic Essex Street. Stepping through the threshold of the building, guests are immediately immersed into the whimsical atmosphere. The store is full of magical gifts, spells, crystal balls, books, stones, candles, incense, jewelry and prisms that reflect rainbows that dance throughout the space.

Lorelei, The Love Witch, who has been featured on popular TV series such as the Bachelorette, has owned the store for over 25 years.

Crow Haven Corner offers an array of engaging magical experiences from Daily Physic Readings to The Famous Salem Witch Walk where guests can participate in a real witches circle, do spell work and go home with a spell!

Image by Crow Haven Corner

Lorelei, is the founder of Salem Saves Animals and has a dedicated room at Crow Haven Corner where guests can purchase magical gifts, tax free, where all profits go to assisting animals in local community.

Lorelei firmly believes, that “As a witch, you must be a voice for those who do not have one themselves”.

Image by Crow Haven Corner

Crow Haven Corner offers daily psychic readings with their gifted in house staff as well as readings with the Famous Love witch herself, Lorelei who has been reading for over 40 years.

With Lorelei you will sit down in a magical space full of protection and good energy. She will first look at your palm and pick up on your personality, relationships and health. 

You will both mediate as she sends you healing energy and lets you know what you’ve got going on. She will do a Celtic cross tarot reading for you guiding you through your past, present and future where you can ask two questions. You will end your reading by participating in spell-work that varies from person to person.

Lorelei only offers this readings on Weekends but has 5 in in house readers who are very gifted, specializing in Tarot Readings and Mediumship. And with every reading you leave with a mojo bag that will be personally blessed by your reader. 

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