Summer Tuesdays in Salem, MA

So you happen to find yourself in Salem, MA on a Tuesday in the summer. Lucky you! Tuesdays are wonderful and robust days to visit Salem, MA with walking tours, outdoor concerts, blue bikes, and culinary delights you are in for a fun and unforgettable day! 

Arriving in Salem, MA by either Ferry or our local MBTA commuter rail will drop you off just a short distance from Downtown. From the Blaney Street dock after departing from the Ferry you can hop on the Salem Trolley and take a guided tour of Salem while being transported to Essex Street in Downtown. If you arrive by train, the MBTA station is a five-minute walk down Washington Street which will connect to the Essex Pedestrian walkway across from the famous Samantha Statue from the Bewitched TV show. 


Gulu Gulu Cafe

Starting your journey on Essex Street puts you in a great spot to do a little retail therapy as well as gives you a variety of options for places to eat. Behind the Samantha Statue, also known as the Bewitched Statue, sits Gulu-Gulu Café. Gulu-Gulu is a wonderful spot to grab a breakfast sandwich and a morning tea or coffee. Another wonderful option, Fountain Place, is just across Washington Street and abuts the beginning of the Essex Street Pedestrian walkway. Fountain Place has American-style family breakfast with delicious stacks of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup, hungry specials filled with eggs, bacon, toast, and homefries, or sandwiches and fruit cups to fuel your day. 

Witch City Walking Tours

A great way to get a lay of the land and burn up the breakfast fuel that you just consumed is by participating in a walking tour. Tuesdays offer a great selection of wonderful walking tours for you to choose from. If you are interested in diving into the history of Salem, MA Witch City Walking Tours, Salem Historical Tours, Salem Food Tours, Bewitched Tours, 1692 Before & After, and History Witch Tours will take you through the robust history of the city. If you are feeling adventurous and want to dive into a darker and more frightful tour Salem Ghosts, Haunted Footsteps, Tours for Touring Tourists, Ghost City Tours, Salem Witch Walk, Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tours, Salem Night Tours, and Spellbound Tours are wonderful options! Make sure to double check tour times before booking, some of our eerier tours are offered closer to the evening. 

Destination Salem Visitor Information Center

After your tour, you can start making your way down to Derby Street where you will find the Destination Salem Visitor Information Center. The Information Center located at 245 Derby Street is there to help guide you on your trip to Salem, MA. The wonderful information specialists can set you up with a map and point you in the right direction for whatever you may want to see. There is also a great selection of retail options from reusable water bottles, hats, socks, and small items to take home as a way to commemorate your visit. 


Derby House and Garden 

Walking an additional five minutes down the road on Derby Street you will come upon the Salem Maritime National Historic site. Enjoy waterfront vistas, walk down to the Derby Lighthouse, and explore the gardens behind the Derby House. Stroll through Pickering Wharf which offers an eclectic selection of retail stores. Create your own broom or Spellbook at the Witchery, pick out a lovely and unique piece of jewelry at Timeless Life Treasures, or update your wardrobe with a trip to COVEN. If you are feeling a bit famished after your walk, both Sea Level Oyster Bar and Finz on Pickering Wharf allow you to enjoy a meal on the waterfront. Looking for more dining options click HERE to see our full list. 

North Shore Concert Band Summer Series @ the Salem Willows 

As your day starts to wind down you will get to experience one of the most exciting events that summer Tuesday’s in Salem, MA has to offer, and that is the North Shore Concert Band series at the Salem Willows Park. Keep walking down Derby Street until you see a sign that reads Blaney Street Doc and Salem Ferry. At the doc you will find one of our convenient BlueBike stations that we have spread throughout Salem. This will be your mode of transportation from the Pickering Wharf area over to the Salem Willows. Toss your belongings in the front basket and cruise down Derby Street and onto Fort Avenue. This ten minute ride will bring you to the charming Salem Willows Park where the free concert series is held. The concerts kick-off at 7pm until 9pm. The series runs from July 11th through August 15th. 

Sunset at Salem Willows Park 

Sit on the grass and take in the sweet sounds of the orchestra with waves breaking along the shore around you. As the sun starts to set you can make your way over to the arcade for an evening of ski ball and arcade games. Grab a sweet treat at one of the many ice cream stands, or stock up on a bag of Kettle Corn for your ride back downtown. Hop back on your Bluebike and ride downtown to one of our many bike docking stations. The MBTA station and parking garages are a quick walk from downtown Salem, MA, and don’t fret you’ll have your Kettle Corn to snack on on your way home. 

Arcade at Salem Willows Park 

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