Take a Walk through Salem’s rich history with Witch City Walking Tours 

Witch City Walking Tours Transforms the Story of Salem’s History Into an Engaging and Memorable Experience for all Visitors

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When visiting Salem Massachusetts it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the small, but lively city. With a plethora of witch themed museums, attractions, tours, and shops, getting to the root of the 1692 Witch Trials is important when spending time in the historic town of Salem. Witch City Walking Tours has established themselves as a tour organization that tells the important series of events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, laying the foundation of the history, while also touching upon a variety of captivating and diverse stories that makes Salem, Massachusetts what it is today.

Witch City Walking Tours offers four walking tours to choose from including their History & Hauntings tour, Mysteries & Murders tour, Merchants & Mansions Architecture tour, and their Hocus Pocus Movie Locations tour.

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Witch City Walking Tours is a great option for any history lover that is looking to brush up on their Salem, Massachusetts knowledge. Their daily History and Hauntings of Salem tour explores themes of the Witch Trials, notable deaths within the community, and more. On this two hour tour loop you will be able to dive into the cause and effect of the Salem Witch Trials and discuss the frequently asked question of “why did it all begin?”. Beth Crowly, Founder of Witch City Walking Tours remarks “we feel it’s so important that people who come here learn about the witch trials, but also about the rich history that Salem has in addition”. Through the lens of notable community members living in Salem Massachusetts in 1692, Witch City Walking Tours paint a picture of what life was like during the period of the Witch Trials. Educated tour guides walk you through the factors that divided the community before the trials took place, and what the dynamic of the town was, not just through the narrative of the Witch Trials, but through historic facts and narratives from the time period. The content of the tour leaves participants reevaluating the relationships they have with their neighbors and the impacts that we all have when we are bystanders.

The Witch City Walking Tours slate of tours looks to educate visitors coming to Salem on so much more than just the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Witch City Walking Tours guides its guests through a plethora of the city’s history and highlights including the rich maritime history, how the city became such a renowned tourism destination, three different centuries of architectural styles, ghost stories, urban legends, and so much more! The selection of tours at Witch City Walking Tours offers a comprehensive walk through of all that the unique city of Salem has to offer.

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If you’re all caught up on your Salem Massachusetts history and are looking for something a bit different in a tour the adults only Mysteries and Murders Tour is a wonderful option! The tour focuses on true crime, murder and mayhem, and is geared towards those who have already learned about the witch trials and are looking to see Salem through a different lens. On this tour the brave of heart will hear stories of some of the most spine-chilling true crime tales of murder, mystery and macabre that happened in Salem’s past. Walk through time and learn the dark stories of Salem’s past with guides who won’t spare you the petrifying details!

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No matter what your taste is, Witch City Walking Tours is sure to have a tour that tickles your fancy. The guides there will take time to engage with you as you explore all that Salem has to offer, and leave you itching to book your next adventure with them once you’ve finished. Make sure to add a Witch City Walking Tour to your itinerary the next time you are here in Salem Massachusetts.



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