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The Tea Lover’s Guide to Salem, Massachusetts

Whether you’re shopping local for a new mug, or sampling new loose leaf teas to try at home, Salem, Massachusetts has plenty of ways to warm up with a cup. Use the guide below and discover where to shop for teas to brew wherever you may be, tea-inspired treats to try at our restaurants, where to find accessories and more:

Shopping for Tea in Salem

Whether you’re shopping for a memorable Salem souvenir, or for a gift for a tea lover, Salem has no shortage of shops offering expertly crafted teas to sip at home and on the go.

Jolie Tea Company

Jolie Tea Company, Salem’s local tea shop, has over 100 blends of tea to sip at afternoon tea or to order by the ounce to brew at home. Their new location on Derby Street recently opened (by reservation) and we’re excited to welcome Jolie Tea to their new neighborhood!

While browsing Jolie’s tea selection, don’t miss their Classic Salem Series with custom blends of black tea named for figures from Salem history. One of our favorites in the collection- The Sophia Blend, named for Sophia Hawthorne, local artist and wife of Nathaniel Hawthorne, who happened to live in the building where Jolie Tea’s original location is on Essex Street. The Sophia Blend is a mix of Indian Black Tea, Chinese Congou Black Tea, rose petals, and bergamot oil, and is sold separately and as part of the Classic Salem Series along with the Hawthorne Blend, Grand Turk, and King Derby.

To be sure you aren’t missing out on any of Jolie Tea’s seasonal blends, consider signing up for their tea subscription box. The shop’s subscription service comes with four boxes of loose leaf tea, with seasonal blends for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Browse Jolie’s tea selection online or learn more about their subscription box at jolieteaco.com.

Artemisia Botanicals

Artemisia Botanicals has been selling their organic herbs in Salem since 1997, and in the years since the store has expanded to include everything for the modern Witch with incense, spell candles, and magical crafts, and gifts, plus a wide variety of tea.

The shop has everything from your standard black and green teas to custom blends made especially to help whatever you’re feeling, including simple immune system boosts, cold treatments, and more. For something minty, we recommend trying Artemisia’s Rooibos Chocolate Mint Tea or their Matcha Peppermint Tea if you prefer something green.

While we love browsing the tea wall in-store, you don’t need to be local to shop from Artemisia. Order online at artemisiabotanicals.com.

HausWitch Home + Healing

Reiki-Charged Herbal Teas are among the many locally created specialties available at HausWitch Home + Healing on Washington Street. Their reiki-charged tea blends are ready to help with a variety of remedies geared toward support for anxiety and depression, maintenance of boundaries, stress management, gratitude and spiritual guidance, cramp easing and matters of love and lust.

All of the loose leaf teas at HausWitch are reiki-charged by local, Moonchild Reiki + Herbals, and are the perfect complement to the store’s crystals, tarot decks, candles, and more. The store is currently open for online ordering and curbside pickup, and you can shop online for these reiki charged teas at HausWitchStore.com.

The Marble Faun Books & Gifts

Located on Pickering Wharf, The Marble Faun is home to custom blends of literary-inspired tea. Find blends inspired by classic authors like Austen, Poe, and Sherlock, plus an array of tea accessories, including books about tea.

Visit the store while wandering through the shops on the wharf, or place an order online.

Tea Accessories

Once you’ve picked up some local tea blends in Salem, it’s time to shop around for accessories!

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