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Downtown Salem, MA is charming by day, but it is downright spellbinding after dark

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On a stroll down Essex Street by moonlight, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild. When the sun sets and the street lamps flicker to life, The Hawthorne Hotel seems to loom larger over the twisting trees on The Common and the yawning archway of Armory Park beckons like an otherworldly portal back in time… It’s no wonder that Salem has inspired an abundance of ghastly ghost stories. And if you’re eager to engage with the spine-chilling side of this enchanting city, you should absolutely add The Salem Night Tour to your itinerary. 

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Whether you are a local or a visitor, a devoted ghost hunter or just morbidly curious, exploring downtown after dark with an expert is a truly unique way to discover Salem. A thrilling experience for skeptics and believers alike, The Salem Night Tour strikes the perfect balance between harrowing hauntings and hard-hitting history. The hour and a half route winds its way through The Washington Square District, highlighting Puritanical houses from the time of The Witch Trials, ivy-covered cemeteries, and 19th century mansions, all rumored to host dynamic paranormal activity. At every stop, your guide will spin a captivating ghost story that has direct ties to Salem’s past. But exactly how scary is it? Just creepy enough to send all the right shivers down your spine. Book your tickets and you’re in for an evening of frightful fun for the whole family. There’s a little something for everyone, with creepy content ranging from tales of murders most foul to trivia about the film Hocus Pocus. 

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Salem is a flourishing community with a vibrant history and it has so much to offer beyond thrills and chills, but there is no denying this city is spectacularly spooky! We have been fondly nicknamed “Witch City”, we throw the very best Halloween bash in the world, and visitors flock here to celebrate things that go bump in the night. There are dozens of ghost tours to choose from in town, but as the longest, continuously-running tour company in the city, The Salem Night Tour is set apart by its established reputation and a commitment to remaining locally owned and locally staffed by passionate paranormal enthusiasts. Guides are thoroughly educated and unscripted, encouraged to illuminate the ghost stories and elements of Salem’s history that they are most excited to share, ensuring every evening is an engaging adventure. And tours run every night, all year long! 

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All around the globe, since time immemorial, gathering together to share scary tales has been an important part of local cultures. The Salem Night Tour delights in being part of this timeless tradition. And if you’re going to take a ghost tour anywhere, you should certainly take one here. We are, after all, a profoundly haunted city in every sense of the word, forever reckoning with the specter of The Witch Trials of 1692. And some say that spirits linger after death when they felt misunderstood in life and so, at the heart of most ghost stories lies an untold story. Salem’s legacy holds so many hidden truths that need telling and a whole host of silenced voices that deserve to be heard. The Salem Night Tour shines a (flash)light into the gloomiest chapters of history, boldly engaging with harrowing happenings in this city’s past without sensationalizing them. It serves up the perfect cocktail of facts, fun, and the marvelously macabre, making for an unforgettable, phantasmagorical extravaganza. 

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Do you dare to explore Salem by night? With the Halloween festivities fast-approaching, it’s advisable to make your reservations in advance. However, if you find yourself in town on a whim in October, good news, The Salem Night Tour is one of the only companies that offers day-of tickets! Go on, indulge your inner-goth and enjoy a unique view of one the most beautiful historic districts in America through this fascinating lens.

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