Walk with a witch in the Salem Woods

The Pagan and witch communities are alive and well in Salem, MA. There are also no shortages of walking tour options when it comes to exploring the witch city. How about a combination of the two? Enter The Forest Lore Tour with guide Euni Morrow. 

Euni “The Mushroom Witch” Morrow is a seasoned tour guide, talented artist, protector of the woods, herbalist, and practicing Witch of 20+ years as seen on the CW’s Mysteries Decoded and Elle Magazine (France). 

The Forest Lore Tour explores the crossroads of science, history and folklore during an approximately 75 minute hike through the Salem Woods.

Recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and once used as a “common land” for pasturage of livestock in colonial times, the Salem Woods is now used by families for picnics, hikers, naturalists, birders, the Boy Scouts, schools groups, bikers, and many more. It has served Salem in many ways for many years, and is a great place to visit.

So what exactly does all of this mean? What is a modern day Pagan or a modern day witch? The word Pagan can mean a variety of things, however in this context it means an individual who practices a pre Christian, Earth based spirituality focused on the seasons and the cycles of nature. A witch is someone who practices witchcraft and works with natural energies and vibrations around them to bring about a desired change. 

The Forest Lore Tour is an excellent opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Salem, connect with nature, ground and center yourself while learning about the plants and foliage that are native to Salem and Massachusetts. The Forest Lore Tour takes you into one of the few remaining wild places in the area and explores what it means to experience magic in real life, why nature is so important and how to integrate ancient knowledge into modern life. Euni is deeply passionate about education and preservation, and this shows as they guide you through the hiking trail. Euni stops along the way to identify different species, talk about their use in medicine and modern life and explore how you can live in harmony with nature around you. The Forest Lore Tour is a fun and dynamic way to learn about nature from a practicing witch. 

A few things to know before you go: The trail is not paved, therefore you will be walking on gravel, dirt, rocks, roots and occasionally slightly muddy terrain. Appropriate footwear is important. Please use the restroom before arriving as there are none available along the trail. Please use bug spray, if desired, before the tour as there will be insects in the woods. Feel free to bring a walking stick and be sure to download the iNaturalist and Alltrails apps beforehand. iNaturalist will help you identify plants on your own (in addition to Euni!) and AllTrails will provide live map and trail information should you want that. Please also note that the Salem Woods are not located in the immediate downtown area. You may wish to Uber or take a car to get to the Salem Woods and back. 

The Forest Lore Tour is a great option for those looking to take a break from the bustle of downtown Salem and explore science, history, nature and folklore from a modern day practicing witch. 


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