Which Witch will you become at Witch Pix?

A Space for All: 

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Witch Pix is Salem’s premier witch costume photography studio. With a closet of over 300 costume pieces, and 3 set options, they can truly make any witch fantasy come to life! Whether you want to be a sultry seductress or prefer the high neckline of head witch you can truly bring out your authentic witchy self! Don’t worry, fellas, there’s plenty for you as well! 

(Photo by Luis at Witch Pix)                                                                                              (Photo by Alex at Witch Pix)

The space and staff at Witch Pix creates a comfortable and welcoming environment from the moment that you walk through the door. Their team works diligently to make you feel confident and respected in your unique vision. With staff there to help you at each step of your photoshoot, the experience is seamless. Communication is key when you step into the creative space that they have set up. You can be whatever persona that you want when customizing your photo experience at Witch Pix.

A Variety of Styles & Sizes: 

The experience at Witch Pix starts in their Dressing Room which features their extensive Costume Closet. Costume sizes from infant to 4x, offers diversity for a variety of body types.  You will be paired with one of their expert stylists to help you become the witch of your dreams. Their talented crew can create a look that will make you look and feel witchy and fabulous. You really start the fun by being asked what your favorite color is; Are you all about pink? Maybe teal is talking to you? Of course, you can never go wrong with all the black textiles!

This season Witch Pix has added an abundance of new costume styles and sizes to their vast collection of outfits. They have also expanded the range of character personas that you can embody when getting ready for your photoshoot. With their collection of over 300 costume pieces there is sure to be something on the rack that will fit your unique style. The creative crew at Witch Pix can curate an outfit that will make you look and feel fabulous for your photoshoot.

Example of Historically Inspired Costumes

 (Photo by Alex at Witch Pix)

Example of Lower Neckline Dresses

(Photo by Alex at Witch Pix)

Examples of Victorian Neckline Dresses

(Photo by Alex at Witch Pix)

Set the Stage for Something Wonderful: 

Witch Pix has a selection of high-quality sets that you can choose from for your personalized photo shoot experience. There are sets designed to put you at the focal point with backgrounds that make your features and costume pop. 

If you’ve ever wanted your Hocus Pocus fantasy Magick Avenue is for you! FLY over the MOON! At our iconic MAGICK AVE photo set! – Ascend into the saturated skies over a full pale-yellow moon on a seven-foot magic broomstick, Then, gaze into the crystal ball and cast spells in front of our liar, green and wicked with a grand staircase! For those of us who enjoy color, and the thrill of being a bit of a Disney villain this is for you. Your photographer will make you look like you’re soaring over the streets of Salem with ease and catch you in your clairvoyance as you read your crystal ball.

(Photos of Magick Avenue by Dani at Witch Pix)

Witch Cottage is a theatrical set featuring the inside of … well … a Witch’s Cottage. With an apothecary shelf, altar table, and dried flowers adorning the walls, this is the perfect set for those of us who love making magic! Read Tarot? The cottage has a deck of cards for you! Love flora? The cottage is totally decked out in greenery to really connect you with Mother Earth. 

(Photo of Witch Cottage by Luis at Witch Pix)

The largest of the sets is named Olde Salem Village. This large theatrical set features the outside of the Witch Cottage, on the edge of a village inspired by 1626 Salem near a dark forest. Not only the largest, but the darkest of the sets, is best for those witches who really want to step into history (and possibly rewrite it). There have been rumors of witch craft surrounding the newcomer of Olde Salem Village … it’s all about YOU.

(Photo of Olde Salem Village by Bruce at Witch Pix)

The team at Witch Pix will help you feel at ease and bring out the character that you envisioned for yourself. You can browse through their selections on the Witch Pix website and book the set that speaks most to you before your visit.

Know Before You Go: 

  • Witch Pix and many Salem attractions and events can book up during October. Please make reservations at witchpix.com ahead of your travel to ensure you can experience this unique activity during your visit.
  • Bring your cell phone (and make sure it’s charged!) while visiting Salem to use the Salem app and make reservations on the go but please note that cell phone photography is not allowed while in the Witch Pix studio. 
  • Costumes are worn over your regular clothes. Wearing a tank top is easiest for changing into costumes. (We recommend dressing in layers anyway during Salem Haunted Happenings as the weather can vary during fall in New England.) 
  • Review Witch Pix’s website prior to your arrival for complete information on what to expect at your shoot. Confirm any COVID-19 questions with Witch Pix or any of the businesses and events you are visiting this October, and review this page for general health and safety information in Salem. 
  • Finally, don’t forget to share your photos on social media by tagging @witchpix! 

Book your reservation online at witchpix.com and find the studio downtown on the pedestrian mall at 172 Essex Street. Questions? You can get in touch with Witch Pix at (978) 745-2021.

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