Salem Witch Trials Walk


Begin your visit at the Salem Witch Museum.

The museum features two exhibits- The first covers the history of the Salem Witch Trials through larger than life sets and narrations based on trial documents and the second shares how the events in 1692 are relevant to today.

Advanced tickets may be required to enter the museum. Visit salemwitchmuseum.com ahead of your visit for more information.

Exit the museum to the right, then turn right onto Howard Street walking until you reach Howard Street Cemetery.

(cemetery info)

Return back down Howard Street, then take a right onto Brown Street stopping when St. Peter’s Church is on your right.

The land for St. Peter’s Church was funded by Phillip English, a wealthy Salem merchant who ended up being accused of witchcraft in 1692. He managed to escape the Salem Witch Trials, but at the expense of much of his property.

Read the full story of Phillip English and St. Peter’s Church here.

Continue down Church Street, noticing 10 Federal Street on your right.

(Jail info here)

Continue down Church Street, stopping near Turner’s Seafood.

(Bridget’s orchard info here)

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