Want to go to the movies? Sip drinks at a bar? Sit back and listen to live music? Witness a witch trial reenactment? If your answer was yes to any of those questions, then we’ve got great news: you can do all of that right here. Just click the categories to choose what you like.

“The True 1692” 3D Film (CLOSED)
Visit CinemaSalem at the Museum Place Mall, and learn about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 in a 3D documentary. Showtimes are available at CinemaSalem.com....
“This Perfect Place!” Film (CLOSED)
Visit CinemaSalem and experience “This Perfect Place!” a documentary focusing on the natural history of Massachusetts. Tickets and showtimes are available at CinemaSalem.com.
Cinema Salem
CinemaSalem (CLOSED)
Come visit Cinema Salem, the North Shore’s friendliest movie theater. Featuring first-run films, foreign and independent films, this downtown cinema is home to the all-doc...
Salem Witch Hunt
Salem Witch Hunt Film & Tours (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
The Salem Witch Hunt Film exposes the true causes and events behind Salem’s witchcraft hysteria, featuring Witch Trials scholars and reenactors at actual 1692 locations...