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Astrology as a Guide- Finding Healing Through Energy Centers in The Natal Chart

May 17 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Astrology as a Guide: Finding healing through energy centers in the natal chart (clusters, opposing signs, Chiron and the Nodes) with Rachel Howe of Small Spells!

Our natal charts contain lots of information about our personalities, our motivations, and our desires. They also hold a lot of insight about our points of struggle and pain, and opportunities for transformation. In this class, we’ll learn more about how to identify concentrations of energy in a chart, and what they can tell us. These include clusters of planets in a sign and/or house, how the signs align along an axis and the opposition it creates, the placement of Chiron and Saturn, and the North and South Nodes. Focusing on the wounded  or conflicted parts of our charts allows us to find the specific guidance we need to work with on our personal journeys towards wholeness and ease within the self.

Prior basic knowledge of Astrology will be helpful in this class, but beginners are welcome! The basics of reading a natal chart will be explained before diving deeper into the points of interest.

If possible, and if you want to, please include your birth data (date, time and place), in the notes section when you check out, so that we can work from some real charts in the workshop OR send it to hello@hauswitch.com so we can pass it along!

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