Colonial Classics: Cheese Pudding Dinner

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We may not know whether Massachusetts Bay Colony British governor and Salem’s cofounder
ate the cheese pudding named for him — John Endicott’s Savory Cheese Pudding Dinner — but it’s
possible. Early Puritans came here with cows. And cheese-making skills. And we do know palates in the
mid-1600s appreciated the glories of cheese even if other pleasures like Christmas were off limits.

On Wednesday, January 5, from 6 to 7 p.m., all are invited to sign on to a live, virtual cooking
demonstration hosted by Kaylee Redard and The House of the Seven Gables. To register for the event,
use this link. It’s free, but The Gables greatly appreciates donations of $10, when possible, to help cover
costs and to support the Settlement programs. Those who attend may chat with Redard and the staff,
and they will receive the pudding recipe that has been updated for contemporary cooks.

The New Year’s first Colonial Classics Food Demonstration leans on cheese not just because it’s tasty but
because it was something colonists had access to. Back in Gov. Endicott’s day, the cheese most used was
likely cheddar, a forgiving cheese not so easily compromised by weather extremes.