Death & Rebirth: Ritual Transformation

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Oct 23, 2021 @ 9:00 pm

184 Essex Street
Salem, MA


Join Salem Witch elder and high priestess Sandra Mariah Wright as you draw on the magic of Salem, the power of Witchcraft, and the strength in numbers, and take action to create the life you have dreamed of having! Undergo a transformative ritual “death” to surrender that which you choose to eliminate for your greater good. Experience an awakening of your true self and celebrate the renewal of your spirit.

  • Break Bad Habits
  • Harness Your Will
  • Change Your Life
  • Manifest Your Dreams

As the days grow shorter and colder, we begin to ready ourselves for the coming of winter as our ancestors did centuries ago. This preparation includes leaving behind anything that no longer benefits us. You may feel that you need to let go of something, give yourself closure, or a fresh start. Slay your inner demons, release your past, embrace resurrection!
Toss a symbol of your old life into the abyss of the Dark Cauldron to be burned away for eternity. Take the knowledge you gain from this experience with you, bringing Salem home with you in a deeply personal, life-changing way. Draw on this power in your daily life, strengthening your Will and growing your new life from a seed to bear fruit. This is a unique opportunity for you to take an active role to transform yourself. You do not need to be a Witch to participate, but you must be willing to take part in the ritual in order to attend. An open mind, a willingness to explore the power of Salem Witchcraft, and a commitment to the Work are essential for success.
This event is a private and intense ritual which cannot be disturbed. It begins promptly at 9pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early due to October traffic and parking considerations.