Fairy Godmothering: The Legacy Work of Tending Ancestral Portals A Five-Part Class & Ritual Series

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The popular culture concept of the fairy godmother as protector and bestowed of blessings is not unlike the concept of guardian spirits in a variety of multidimensional animist traditions. Circe cares for and directs Odysseus and his men to the fulfillment of their wishes, and functions as a portal to ancestral memory/blessings. This course will explore techniques for the individual practitioner to step into their own power as fairy godmothers: caring for the generations that have past and those that have yet to come through the ritual actions of purification, empowerment, generational curse breaking/blessing, and weaving the fabric of fate.
Content will include:
-the potential power and limits of generational blessings
-spirit contracts and multidimensional alliances
-crafting a fairy godmother portal
-blessing techniques
-becoming a living ancestral portal
This class is part of Circe Academy