Made Better By My Touch: The Role of Blessings in Kirkean Folk Magic – A 3-Part Class Series

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An exploration of the power transformative blessing in ancient and modern Greek folklore with practical techniques for the blessing of water, candles, statue consecration, individuals and groups of living beings, and physical/non-physical spaces.
When Circe returned Odysseus’ men to their human form they were improved versions of themselves: scars removed, and made younger. The undoing of a curse that was also a blessing. In this course we will immerse ourselves in the transformative power of the witch archetype through meditation, discussion, ritual action, meditation, and the crafting of and casting of blessings.
All levels and all traditions welcome
Optional ingredients: a small unlit candle, water and sweet food offering, rose water or non-poisonous petals, and a wooden wand or similar device
This class is part of Circe Academy