Turning the Wheel – Witchcrafts for the Equinox

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Join HausWitch art witch in residence Brenda Roswess for a special Witchcrafts workshop on the Spring Equinox to honor the turning of the wheel of the year.

We’ll have a brief chat about cycles, wheels, globes and spheres in witchcraft. Think Wheel of Fortune, birth charts, retrogrades, and crystal balls. Then we’ll make some crafty paper wheel offerings to all the cycles in the universe.

We’ll be making 3 different kinetic paper wheels, like those you can find in your favorite pop up books. Then we’ll use our newfound wheel mastery to make a paper version of an astrolab (a tool for locating constellations) to step up our stargazing game!

Forms Covered

-Wheel with Moiré pattern

-Basic Wheel with Tip-In

-Wheel with a moving arm

-Paper Astrolab


-you will need access to a printer to print templates *before* the workshop

-double stick tape or glue (I highly recommend double stick tape over glue for this!)

– cardstock (it shouldn’t be too thick or too flimsy, if you have access give yourself 2 or 3 options)

-printer safe acetate (for astrolab, feel free to save construction of this form for after the workshop if you’re unable to get your hands on any)

-exacto blade or any other small blade