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Virtual Decolonizing Brujeria Wisdomshare with Xóchicoatl of La Mala Yerba

May 13 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This is the first half of a two-part wisdomshare with La Mala YerbaClick here to reserve your ticket!

somos las hijxs de las brujxs que no pudieron matar//
we are the children of the witches colonization couldn’t kill

decolonizing brujería: cultivating socially conscious + justice centered medicine practices is a 3hr circle inviting us to [re]member that YES we are the children of the witches colonization couldn’t kill. YES we have a birth right to magick and healing. AND YES we have a sacred responsibility to practice our medicine work with care and justice. During our circle we are connecting with [de]colonized brujeria + witchcraft medicine practices by:

  • holding the grief of colonizers burning our brujxs/witches and holding the medicine that couldn’t be burned because it lives in our bones;

  • planting seeds of justice-filled magick as we [re]learn how to culturally share and respect medicine & practices from lineages that ain’t ours;

  • and [re]membering how to embody the medicine we come from.

Join xóchicoatl bello for an evening of decolonizing and [re]membering the justice in the magick we practice.

Resource Package provided with potions and tools for a decolonized brujeria practice

Closed captioning provided

Recordings available for those who cannot join us for live gatherings

Click here to reserve your ticket!