Salem Kids Tours

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“A Wicked Good Tour!” We are Salem’s one and only walking tour for children and families. There is no other tour like this one; and all of our expert guides are also teachers.

Salem Kids Tour meets at 185 Essex St., Pamplemousse

This is the original, classic Salem Kids Tour, which is a fun, kid friendly tour of Salem’s mysterious past. As we walk through Salem’s historic downtown, kids will hear Witchcraft Trials stories, but that’s not all! We talk about the Golden Age of Sail, famous visitors to Salem, a “moving” cemetery, and an incredible escape. The tour ends at the Witchcraft Trials Memorial.

Slightly Spooky Tour meets at 316 Essex St., First Church in Salem, Unitarian Universalist

In addition to historical stories, ghost stories are included on this tour. This tour is a bit off the beaten path, and makes its way past some of Salem’s most beautiful buildings in the renowned McIntire District. We’ll visit some of the most haunted and historic sites in Salem, hearing tales of famous authors, Salem’s connection to the Revolution, and of course, the infamous Witchcraft Trials. The tour ends in the ancient Broad Street Cemetery.


316 Essex Street
Salem, MA 01970

Public Health Guidelines

Physical distancing of 6’ or more required

Face coverings or masks required

Contactless payment available and encouraged

Reduced capacity / occupancy may increase wait times

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