Salem Photo Challenge

Celebrate Salem in 2022 by joining the Salem Photo Challenge! It’s easy to play – post a photo on social media that relates to the daily theme, tag @destsalem and @creativenorthshore and use the hashtag #SalemPhotoChallenge. Destination Salem and the Creative Collective will repost and share our favorite image.

We are excited to see the photos you share, and how you interpret each theme and how it relates to Salem!  Will you post daily, or just on the days with themes that speak to you? Will you post new photos or pictures from a previous trip?  If it’s an older photo, share the year in your caption so everyone can join you on a trip down memory lane.

June 2022 Prompts by date:

  1. Independence
  2. Friendship
  3. #ChocolateWaferDay
  4. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  5. Sunrise
  6. Seashells
  7. Fried Clams
  8. Popsicles
  9. Shark
  10. Frisbee
  11. Mocktails
  12. Blueberries
  13. Lobster Roll
  14. French
  15. Negro Election Day
  16. Pamplemousse
  17. Sailboat
  18. Birds
  19. Crepe
  20. Cookout
  21. Beach
  22. Wizards
  23. Leo (sign)
  24. 100 Days till Halloween
  25. Sunglasses
  26. Iced Coffee
  27. Pirates
  28. Spyglass
  29. Sprinkles
  30. Trolley
  31. String Lights


June 2022

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By tagging #SalemPhotoChallenge, you grant permission for Destination Salem, the Creative Collective, and Salem Haunted Happenings to share and repost your photo.