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If you have visited Salem before, you might find new meters or time regulations in the lots and spots you’ve used in the past. Some parking fees have increased, and some parking fees have decreased. Meters may be paid for with coins or by downloading the Passport Parking app.

If you are planning your first visit to Salem, we are happy to tell you that all of Salem’s downtown attractions are within a 10- to 15-minute walk from any parking area. So we hope you will take advantage of our walkable streets and the Salem Trolley.

You can find information on parking in Salem at on the City’s Traffic & Parking website and an interactive parking map can be found here. Note: Parking rates at City Garages and many lots increases during October. For more information about parking in October, visit HauntedHappenings.org

The City of Salem has posted a number of parking spaces downtown as 15-minute parking only, to pick up take-out orders from downtown restaurants. Please do not park in any of these signed spaces for more than 15 minutes.

Museum Place Garage

1 New Liberty Street, Salem, MA

If the garage is full, we recommend the MBTA Garage at 252 Bridge Street.

Museum Place Garage, 1 New Liberty Street, Salem, MA 01970. The garage costs $1.25/hour and cash and credit are accepted in the payment kiosks. The best part about the garage? You are right across the street from the Salem Regional Visitor Center—the perfect place to start your visit. (Height clearance for the garage is 6 ft. 6 in.)

Church Street Lot

15 Federal St #19 Salem, MA

You do need to pay at a multispace meter before leaving your car, though, so make sure you pay for as many hours as you will need. Cost is $1.50 per hour ($1.00/hour for Salem residents registered in the Passport app with proof of residency), and the payment kiosks accept credit cards and cash.

South Harbor Garage

10 Congress Street, Salem, MA

If you are going to be exploring the waterfront, Pickering Wharf and Derby Street, you may want to park in the South Harbor Garage, 10 Congress Street, Salem, MA 01970. The South Harbor Garage costs just $.75 per hour on weekdays and $1.50 per hour on weekends.

The Salem Fast Ferry

10 Blaney Street, Salem, MA

If you are going to ride the Salem Ferry into Boston, you will find ample free parking in the lot at 10 Blaney Street, Salem, MA 01970.

Please note, parking at 10 Blaney Street is is reserved for passengers on the Salem Ferry and people engaged in commercial marina activities.

The MBTA Commuter Rail Garage

252 Bridge Street Salem, MA

The MBTA Commuter Rail Station is accessible and conveniently located at 252 Bridge Street. Parking on weekdays is $5 and parking on weekends is $2. There is also a bike cage available. For more information, click here.

Crescent Lot

252 Bridge Street, Salem, MA, USA

Parking is available at the Crescent Lot for $4/day.

Hampton Inn Salem

11 Dodge St Salem, MA

Costs will vary on weekdays and weekends in October. Please call Hampton Inn Salem at 978-414-3100 same day for that daily rate. Parking is secured and heated. Pull into the valet area when you arrive and a staff member will assist you.

Salem Willows

Salem Willows Park, Fort Avenue, Salem, MA, USA

Deadhorse Beach lot, the newly constructed lot, and the lot formerly known as Salem Yacht Club. Available Mon-Sun (8am – 8pm) 4 hours max, $0.50/hr, April 1 – October 31. Pay by plate number with the Passport app; Free with recreation permit.

Restaurant Row On-Street Meters Available Mon – Sun (8am – 8pm) 2 hour max, $1.00/hr, April 1 – October 31. Pay using meters or with the Passport app.

Fort Avenue Lot Available Mon – Sun (8am – 8pm) 2 hour max, $1.00/hr, April 1 – October 31. Pay using meters or with the Passport app.

Forest River Park

Forest River Park, Clifton Avenue, Salem, MA, USA

Mon-Sun (8am – 8pm) 4 hours max, $0.50/hr, April 1 – October 31. Pay by plate number with the Passport app; Free with recreation permit.

RV Parking

From downtown Salem, driving northeast, Derby Street turns into Fort Avenue. The Salem Trolley runs tours to Salem Willows and can provide transportation to the downtown for the cost of their ticket prices. RV camping is available seasonally at Winter Island Maritime Park.

Electric Car Charging Stations

The City has eight electric vehicle charging stations in the Museum Place and South Harbor Garages. These ChargePoint Network Coulomb Technologies Charging Stations are dual output units which allow for electric vehicles to plug-in via a standard SAEJ J1772 connector and fixed 18-foot cable, fully charging a vehicle in four to six hours. Each garage has four charging stations providing access for up to eight parking spots of electric vehicle parking.

Parking Tickets

We hope you do not get a parking ticket while visiting Salem, but if you do, fines can be paid online here.

Regional Parking Options

MBTA Garage, 10 Park Street, Beverly, MA

Weekday parking fee is $4, Weekends are $2. Trains run hourly between Beverly and Salem. UPDATE due to bridge closure take either Route 62 or Route 1A to access the Beverly MBTA Garage. Note that the Hall-Whitaker Bridge on Bridge Street in Beverly is closed.